Plum Loco Animal Farm
D O O R  C O U N T Y  W I S C O N S I N
"Where We're CRAZY About Animals...and Kids!"

Where We're Crazy About Animals

Welcome to Plum Loco's Play-Farm Village!
Without a doubt, one of Plum Loco's most popular features is our Play-Farm Village - especially designed for children ages toddler - 3rd grade.

Safely and conveniently located directly adjacent to our rustic log gazebos
and picnic area - visitors will find an authentically designed,
child-sized farm-village which boasts a farmhouse with a fully
stocked kitchen, play garden and laundry line.

The barn has ample pedal tractors, 
gas pump, wheel-barrows, a tool-
bench, landscaping equipment
  ...all the accessories little farmers need 
to manage their acreage. The barn also has   an attached corral with a herd of plush ponies children can brush and ride.

Another feature to the play-farm
village is our charming, child-sized
1880's style Plum Loco General Store
complete with a farmer's market stand, cash-register, shopping carts and numerous items to buy and sell.

The play-farm also includes an 8 foot, hands-on farm table with barns, animals, people, tractors, fencing, trees and more for hours of hands-on farming fun!                                                  

Our newest additions to the play-farm village include a 1950's style Diner - as well as a Country Vet Clinic - both stocked with all the authentic, hands-on equipment that young imaginations may require.


As you can see...the Diner is now open for business!

Service with smile at the Plum Loco Diner
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