Plum Loco Animal Farm
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"Where We're CRAZY About Animals...and Kids!"

Where We're Crazy About Animals

Here's What People are Saying about Plum Loco!

"Great place to go with the kids. This is a very nicely run, wonderfully thought out animal farm. The animals are well cared for and the whole place is very safe and clean. Plus, there are lots of wonderful things for toddlers and young children to play with - play houses, tools and vehicles. This is especially welcome for families traveling with young children who need some play time. There are shaded picnic tables for snacking and lunch, so you can bring coffee and/or lunch to eat while the kids are playing. We've been to Plum Loco several times and the kids (from 2 to teenagers) have always had a wonderful time here." (Trip Advisor, September 2015)

"Great day of vacation. We (Wife, myself and 5yr. old son) decided to go to Plum Loco on a fairly cool and overcast day during August. The instructions were great, the animals very well taken care of, and philosophy of the farm unique. My son is very friendly and outgoing verbally, if not adventurous physically. We spent 5.5 hours there, and brought with us a picnic lunch. He made several friends playing in the mini town, spent 2 hours on the farm table, played large connect 4, and checkers. We had a very relaxing day." (Trip Advisor, August 2015)

"Fabulous family activity! This was our second visit to Plum Loco and it did not disappoint. This charming family-run farm is the perfect place to spend a few hours of family fun. The animal area is extremely clean, organized and well-cared for. The kids LOVE feeding the carrots to the mules and miniature horses. My kids all wanted extra buckets of feed! There is a very clean and well-kept bathroom to wash your hands afterwards. The games and toys they have for children made for a very relaxing afternoon as the kids were entertained and the adults could chat. While I do agree with some reviews that there were a lot of things for the younger kids to do, our middle schoolers also had a great time playing the over sized checkers, chess and connect four games (as did the adults!!) All in all, this is a great activity to do while in Door County...we will definitely be back." (Trip Advisor, August 2015)

"Great place for families. I went with my daughter's family which included a 1.5 and 3 year old. We couldn't get them to leave. We like it so much after the first visit that we went back on Father's Day for the kids to enjoy the miniature villiage and feeding the animals while we enjoyed a picnic in one of the gazebo's. Great hidden gem." (Trip Advisor, June 2015)

"Our kids loved this place. This place is out in the country, nicely off the beaten path. It is an old farm, with animals to pet and feed. You cannot go in any animal pens, rather just pet and feed through the fence. All four of our kids really enjoyed the "play" area, which had little houses to play in, tractors to pedal, horses to rock on, and a little store to play in. This was their favorite, they could have just done this all day long!" (Trip Advisor, June 2015)

"Don't forget to bring your picnic lunch and chairs - you can stay all day! This is a great place to bring your small children or grandchildrren. They can play all day or stay until their naptime! There are toyys galore and animals to pet and feed. Linda and Jeremy are terrific hosts who take great pride in their farm and care for their animals." (Trip Advisor, February, 2015).

"Charming Farm, well cared-for animals. My husband and I visited this charming farm. The animals were affectionate and the grounds were neat. A great place for families and kids, but we had fun too. They provide feeding bucket and treats for the animals. (Trip Advisor, October 2014).

"Sweet, natural and nice place for an outing. You could feel the love the concept when you walk through the gates, there is good karma here and if you are looking for a small family getaway this is a nice place for youngsters." (Trip Advisor, July 2014)

"Great time for the whole family. We visited Plum Loco Animal Farm in July and had the best time! We have children between the ages of 20-2 and they ALL had a great time! We were able to feed so many animals for a minimal fee and didn't get trampled by any like you would at most petting zoos. There were games to play for older kids and adults and a little play house, general store and small farm to play with for younger kids. We all had fun!" (Trip Advisor, July 2014)

"A Gem! What Ann amazing place this is! We took our 3 year old and 7 month old. The owner was great. He came out and explained things and brought out a miniature horse for the kids to pet. There are little kids sized buildings and so many fun things for kids to do. We would go back in a heartbeat. Thanks for the great experience." (Trip Advisor, June, 2014).

"Kids loved it! My 6 year old twins had a wonderful time when we visited in July. Just now, my daughter chose to write about her visit for a school assignment and both were asking me when we can go back. It is a must see for our trip next summer." (Trip Advisor, January 2014)

"Fun for the family. We spent the morning at plum loco and the kids loved it. The play area is well supplied and kept the kids entertained for several hours. They are even set up well if you brought your own lunch. The location is good from anywhere in door county. They even have a great bathroom with changing station, not an outhouse. This was a great way to spend half of the day." (Trip Advisor, June 2013)

"Great place for young children and the adults that love them. I highly recommend Plum Loco as a place to spend a wonderful couple of hours with your young children. I have been here with my granddaughter several times (she is 3.5 year old now) and she always is excited about going back. The main attraction, of course, is the animals. They have the usual assortment of farm animals (see web site), but the neatest ting is that they provide a bucket of food as part of the admission and they give you excellent instruction on how to feed each of the animal s properly. This real helps with smaller children who may be intimidated by the larger horses and other animals at first. As interesting as the animals may be, nothing will hold the attention of a 3 or 4 year old very long. So another feature of Plum Loco is that they have a kid-sized town that children can play in as well as other detraction (games, wagons, tractors, etc.) to keep children engaged. They can keep going from one thing to another as their whims change. It is a lot of fun for them, but also for the adults. Go and have fun."(Trip Advisor, June 2013)

"Great young family activity. The adults and kids in my party all had a great time (kids 3, 5, 5, 8). It was a great animal experience. Feed buckets were $2 for a bunch of carrots and some grain. The animals are super friendly. Bathroom facility available and was nicer than expected. The little play area was fun for my age group. It started to rain and we were offered rain checks, but we had so much fun we didn't feel the need to come back right away!" (Trip Advisor, August 2012)

"Must do in Door County! This is a wonderful place to bring young children. The Owners go out of their way to make your visit pleasant." (Trip Advisor, July 2012)

"Great hands on experience!Wonderful experience for the kids! Feed was cheap so kids could feed animals all morning! Staff friendly and knowledgeable!" (Trip Advisor, July 2012)

"Outstanding little place! Our kids (age 3 and 7) had so much fun the first time we actually went back an unplanned, second time in a 5 day trip to Door County! The family that runs this place clearly loves both animals and children. The animals are happy and well kept and the respect and consideration flows to the amenities for people, too. There is a 'petting zoo' type area where kids can feed the animals, but the best part (for the adults!) is a large fenced-in area full of toys for all ages, ringed by picnic tables, that makes you feel you've been invited to a backyard party. Between the petting/feeding area and the 'backyard', there is an 'outhouse' but don't be fooled - it has electricity and indoor plumbing as well! In addition to a flush toilet and sink there is a well-stocked baby changing table - very thoughtful. Concessions and souvenirs are available for sale and prices are reasonable. You're also welcome to bring a picnic lunch. The owners are around for questions but unobtrusive and welcoming. We spent a couple hours here each time and ended up getting season passes our second day. Sitting in the shade watching the kids happily play was very relaxing. Well worth the price of admission - twice!" (Trip Advisor, July 2012)

"The owners of Plum Loco were around to answer questions and were not only very knowledgeable, but kind. The farm was clean and well maintained. They have an amazing, hand made play area for the kids. Our children spent over 2 hours playing in the miniature sized barn, general store and house." (Trip Advisor, June 2012)

"Plum Loco was nice and relaxing. Staff were very loving and friendly. Animals were tame and social, and if you have kids who don't want to go by animals they have a bunch of play houses, toys, and books outside for them to enjoy." (Trip Advisor, September 2011)

"Plum good family fun! Great place, teaches children all animals besides cute babies deserve love, respect and care and can be appreciated and enjoyed. Animals fed only healthy options. Play area with miniature farm house, general store, barn complete with mini tractors for kids to enjoy, well thought out and equipped. Puzzles, games, farm animal toys to create own farm. Bags, horseshoes and more for older kids and adults to enjoy. Great way to spend the day" (Trip Advisor, August 2011)

"A must see when in Door County! From the parking lot to the main entrance, from the play area all the way through the animal farm this family owned business has done everything to say WELCOME! The atmosphere is clean, inviting and most importantly safe for the entire family (especially our little ones). The staff and owners are just the nicest people you can ever get to know. I spent a good half hour talking with the owner who was out with the animals and working around the farm. He is a great people person who loves to roll up his sleeves and make sure everyone there is having a good time.The play area was custom built for our little ones, gazebos to hide from the sun were built on the slabs of old silos. A miniature general store and barn outfitted with toy riding tractors and rocking horses are set out for the kids to play. You cant have a barn without some live chickens running around, even a very beautiful polish hen. The animal enclosure are extremely clean as are the animals and extremely tame. Geese, sheep, goats, mini horses, ponies and some pretty awesome horses are looking for you to pet them - ok they want to be fed but it allows you to pet them while you feed em. Safety is their primary concern so they do go over the proper way of feeding the animals and petting them so that everyone has an enjoyable and memorable time. Hands down the best animal farm my family has been to and budget friendly as well." (Trip Advisor, July 2011)

"Fantastic family fun! I visited Plum Loco on 6/24 for the first time with my 5 year old son and my sister's family. Everyone had a blast! The kids played and used their imagination in the little village for a long time, after they had interacted with the peaceful, family-friendly animals. The owners were extremely friendly and welcoming. I would call Plum Loco a must-visit attraction for families when they visit Door County!" (Trip Advisor, June 2011)

"Pristine and clean attraction! Prices were cost us $21 for 2 adults, a 6 year-old, our 15month old (free) feed for the animals, and a bucket of feed. This was an outdoor farm-themed playroom for our youngest with ride-on tractors, lawn mowers, different hand-built buildings for kids to play in...and the best was fenced in! Gave us a chance to sit and watch him play with the other kids. The 6-year old loved all of the the small buildings to go in as well, but he loved the animals the best. They were all in close proximity surrounding an open field to run and play in. I would rate this better than The Farm in Sturgeon Bay. Make sure you eat before you go, though, their focus is not on food but on fun (they do have snacks, and changing table in the super clean bathrooms). After 2 hours of playing here, the kids were asleep on our drive back to Ephraim. I highly recommend this happy, fun, and customer focused attraction...great kept secret. Thanks for a great surprise!" (Trip Advisor, June 2011)

"Loved it! twice!
On an extended visit to family in Door County, I had to get my 18 month old son out for adventures every day for our sanity. Plum Loco was the best we found. The owners are so kind and loving to the animals, and there is no sense of exploitation or even dirty pens. Their love shines through, and the animals are healthy and well socialized. The play yard with kid-sized tractors, rocking horses, and much more was a huge hit, and they've set it up so grown ups can sit in the shade and relax while the little ones do their thing safely. We went back a second time, and had as much fun, and Jeremie even remembered my son's name. I can't recommend it enough. These are real folks, really doing what they love, or faking it so well that it doesn't matter. Next time we're in Door County, we'll be back." (Leah, Google Maps Review, October 2009).

"Plum Loco is a hidden treasure for adults and kids alike. It is owned by a nice couple that takes great care in getting everything right. They have a kind facility where none of the animals will ever end up on a menu. The husband built all the animal environments...@ the pigs have an A-frame and the goats have a Swiss chalet. The signs are adorable and very informative. And, the animals are as kind as the biting here. They have a great play area for small children with games, playhouses, a giant farm animal set up and board games. You are welcomed to spend the day and bring a picnic lunch. There is croquet, and other yard games also. The wife is very attentive in the entrance booth selling inexpensive treats for the animals, freeze pops and other goodies. Once you try it, you'll be back for another visit. What a great old fashioned get-a-way! We love Plum Loco."
(Trip Advisor, September 2008).

"Your farm is absolutely fabulous! My 2 1/2 year old grandson and 12 year old granddaughter had a wonderful time! Door County needed this for a long, long time. Your attention to detail, cleanliness, pedal tractors and play houses were a HUGE HIT!! Thank you! Thank you!" (The Janda Family, August, 2007).

"Dear Hosts - We had the extreme pleasure of visiting your fun animal farm...
 We want to thank you for your friendly and enthusiastic welcome and service. Our little grand girls had a ball! Lindsey (3yrs) was belly-laughing feeding the animals. They loved the pot-belly pigs, horses, goats, etc. Jeremie was friendly and accommodating. The little buildings, toys, play items were so fun and authentic! Lindsey said her favorite was the "purple phone" in the little house. Tiara (4 1/2 yrs) even hung the wash on the line! They treasure the little pigs we purchased. Thank you so much! Keep up the great business!" (The Strubs Family, July 2009).

"Just wanted to thank you both for your kindness and great visit to Plum Loco. We enjoyed very much talking with both of you as well as visiting, petting and feeding the animals." (The Berg Family, August 2009).

"We had a great time at Plum Loco! What a delightful day we had at your beautiful farm!" (The Girmax Family, June 2010).

"The gates and fenced in areas are all designed to so little hands can let go and explore the farm without moms or dads worrying about their safety. It's wonderful to see many of the local mothers sit and relax and have their children play with one another. Sometimes the kids are having such a good time, they forget there are animals here!" (Door County Advocate, September, 2006).

"Thank you for the visit to your farm. We had a great time with you as hosts and all of your nice animals."
(The Sunshine House, July 2007).

"We enjoyed our visit to your Plum Loco farm tremendously. The way the animal pens and shelters were laid out were extremely fascinating. The use of the building materials and other enhancements were quite innovative. Seeing the various animals, the sheep, goats, ponies, etc. up close was quite a thrill. We greatly enjoyed feeding and giving treats to the animals. We are glad your farm is not a "petting zoo" but gives people the opportunity to see and feed the animals up close. We concur with your philosophy of treating animals as sentient beings and allowing them to live out their lives in a protected, contented environment." (The Oswald Family, October 2006).

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