Plum Loco Animal Farm
D O O R  C O U N T Y  W I S C O N S I N
"Where We're CRAZY About Animals...and Kids!"

Where We're Crazy About Animals


Q: How did Plum Loco get it's name?

A: We are asked this question quite a bit - so I'm happy to share our history. I am a Social Psychologist by profession, and prior to coming to Door County, I was a professor in the Chicago area. As a lifelong animal lover and advocate - I had always dreamed of establishing a sanctuary that provided a safe, loving and permanent home for animals. So when we decided to find a farm that would allow us to realize this dream - I kept hearing from my colleagues, "Are you Crazy?" Instead of calling me Dr. Steiner, they would call me Dr. Doolittle.

Then, once we made the move, are farm was surrounded by Dairy Farmers - who also thought we were "nuts" - due to our approach and philosophy about animals. We don't milk, butcher, breed, ride or otherwise "use" our animals for livestock, utility or recreation. So, once again, we heard "Are you Crazy?"

Because we ended up on Plum Bottom Road - and we were looking for a whimsical name for our sanctuary - the name Plum Loco was born. After all - we are crazy about animals...and kids!

Q: How can I tell if Plum Loco is right for me and my family?

A: Of course, everyone is different, with unique interests and tastes. But in general, if you have children ages toddler through 8-9 years old and/or are an animal lover of any age - you are likely to find Plum Loco to be a wonderful experience. Our play farm captivates children for hours of imaginative role-play, while allowing adults to relax or interact in farm fantasy with their children. Those with a heart for animals and are of the mindset that "animals lives matter" - are very appreciative of our approach and thoroughly enjoy interacting with our farm-animal family when visiting Animal Acres. Of course, families can go back and forth between the picnic/play-farm area and Animal Acres as often as they wish.

However, if you are seeking an experience where you will encounter lots of baby animals or livestock demonstrations and exhibits - then Plum Loco will not meet your expectations. We view our animals as family members and do not milk, ride, breed or consume our animals.

Q: Do you have baby animals at Plum Loco, like other petting zoos?

A: I'm glad you asked this question. We do not consider Plum Loco a "petting zoo", in the traditional sense of the word. Although you may certainly pet and feed our animals, we are an animal sanctuary that provides a loving and permanent home to a variety of farm animals. Because of our mission, we control the population very carefully and never breed our animals for the benefit of visitors. At times, when space allows, we do bring in babies from time to time. However, this is not an annual practice, unless space permits. For details about our philosophy, please click on the "mission" tab on the navigation bar of our website. Our animals range in age from young adulthood through aging seniors. But rest assured - all are friendly, approachable and young at heart!

Q: Can we bring a picnic to Plum Loco?

A: Definitely! Plum Loco offers ample picnic tables for your family - or if you prefer, you can spread a blanket on the lawn and stretch out. However, because we wish to maintain a sanitary environment and avoid attracting insects to food substances - we do require that all children remain seated while enjoying their meals or snacks. Food is not permitted inside the play buildings or around activity and game tables. One dropped PB&J sandwich, cracker or juice box can attract hundreds of ants in no time!

Q: How much time should we plan for a visit to Plum Loco?

A: The answer really depends upon the ages of the children in your group. Plum Loco offers a very elaborate "play farm village" designed for children toddler - 8 years old. They can, and will, spend hours engaged in imaginative play in this area. If you would like to feed and pet the animals, and allow the children to play - we recommend approximately 2 hours - although many stay all day. Remember, we close at 4:30 - so plan to arrive by, at least, 3:00 pm to allow for enough time for your family to explore and enjoy!

For visitors with older children or infants - Plum Loco can be enjoyed in about an hours time - although our wide variety of giant board games and lawn games can result in longer visits, as well.

Q: Does Plum Loco accept credit cards?

A: Yes. Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards are welcome. We do not accept American Express.

Q: Are dogs allowed at Plum Loco?

A: While we discourage our visitors from bringing along their family pets as a general rule, we may make an exception, on a case-by-case basis. Dogs should never be left unattended in parked vehicles, as it takes only minutes for critical or fatal events to occur due to the accumulation of heat - even with the windows cracked. Any dog found in a parked vehicle at Plum Loco will be immediately addressed by Plum Loco management.

Q: I realize that you are a "weather permitting only" facility. How do we know if you are open, if the weather looks questionable?

A: Plum Loco is an outdoor facility - and as such, we do not have shelter for our visitors, in the event of rain. If the weather looks questionable, we always recommend that you call ahead - as we do our best to post a message on our voicemail if we must close due to inclement weather conditions. In the event of a sudden and unexpected downpour - we must first attend to our play-farm equipment prior to posting a message. This may take up to 15 minutes time.

Q: If it rains, will Plum Loco be closed all day?

A: Our general rule is that we will open - or reopen - when feasible. If it rains in the morning and we are able to open "by noon" - we certainly will. If rain is expected in the afternoon - we will open for the morning hours. However, in the event of intermittent rain fall - we may be forced to close for the duration of the day. It's best to call ahead - as we do our best to post our current status on our message.

Please know that Plum Loco is not a "turn key" operation. It may take up to 60 minutes to prepare for opening after a rainfall. But, believe us when we say that we want to remain open as much as possible!

Q: What about very hot days? Do you close due to heat?

A: In some cases, when the heat index is very high, we are likely to close around 2:00 pm to relieve the animals. On these types of hot, summer days, it's best to visit in the morning, or call ahead to verify our hours if you are planning an afternoon visit.

Q: Do we need to be concerned about large field trips arriving, when visiting Plum Loco?

A: No. Plum Loco is committed to providing all visitors with a enjoyable and relaxing experience. Field trips from schools and day camps are always scheduled on Wednesdays - when we are closed to the public.

Q: Is it possible to leave Plum Loco and return later in the day?

A: Yes. Please stop by the ticket booth to request a "day pass" that will grant you re-admission on the same day as your ticket was purchased.

Q: Do you offer discounted rates for larger groups?

A: Yes, groups of 8 or more receive a 15% discount off of our regular admission prices. We call this our "Herd" discount. However, your entire group must be present at the time of admission to qualify for this discount. You may pay together, or separately, and still receive the discount - provided that your group arrives at the facility together.

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