Plum Loco Animal Farm
D O O R  C O U N T Y  W I S C O N S I N
"Where We're CRAZY About Animals...and Kids!"

Where We're Crazy About Animals

Welcome to Animal Acres!

Plum Loco is a permanent and loving home to a wide variety of farm-animals including ponies, horses, miniature donkeys, goats, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, chickens, turkeys, geese and miniature horses.
Each member of our animal family has a name, family history and unique personality.

From our ticket-booth, visitors may purchase feed for the animals served in brightly-colored pails that include grain for the goats and sheep - and fresh carrot sticks for the ponies, horses, donkeys and miniature horses.

Not too sure about feeding...?
No worries...all visitors receive detailed instructions & demonstrations at check-in - so you'll be an expert in no time.

Because our animals are loved and respected... they are very tame,  friendly and approachable... so plan on doing a lot of petting and feeding during your visit.


We invite you to come and get to know the names, faces and unique personalities of our farm-animal family...

You never know who might steal your heart...
               or your feed pail!
FAQ: Where are all the Kittens?

Many visitors ask if we have kittens for the children to play with. The answer is a simple no. Door County has developed quite a serious feral cat problem due to the number of farms that allow cats to breed freely.

The overpopulation of unwanted and uncared for cats has grown so considerably that there has even been talk of opening hunting season on these poor, innocent creatures.

At Plum Loco, we feel breeding kittens every spring for the entertainment of children is an irresponsible practice. And because we provide a permanent, lifetime home for all of our animals - each of our cats have been neutered, spayed and vaccinated. 

For more details on our animal philosophies and practices -  please click on the "Mission" tab above.
Thank you.
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